The Resurrection Special The CrossRoad Mix-Show

ScriptureMixTape.com presents a break for headlines, flow charts, and news updates with a special Resurrection Weekend Edition of The CrossRoad Mix Show Podcast, featuring a  full length presentation of “Golgotha  & Beyond,” a dramatized  narrated mix-tape of Matthew 27 and 28. Experience narrated Bible  scripture in a fresh and exciting way,  recited over a canvas of various  styles of music, with DJ type  transitions.  The CrossRaod Mix-Show is an inspirational variety show  that takes you on a journey to a fantasy destination call the CrossRoad,  where narrated bible scripture and mix-tape meet together. Visit us on line: ScriptureMixTape.com Instagram @ScriptureMixTape / Tiwtter: @TheScriptureMix / Facebook:  ScriptureMixTape / SoundCloud: ScriptureMixTape / ReverbNation.com:   ScriptureMixTape / eMail: ScriptureMixTape@Gmail.com — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thecrossroadmixshow/support
  1. The Resurrection Special
  2. A Psalm 91 Special Report
  3. Welcome 2020 – Reflections from the CrossRoad
  4. Celebrating the Birth: Merry Christmas!
  5. Thanksgiving


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CrossRoad Mix-Show Podcast

ScriptureMixTape.com presents The CrossRoad Mix Show: Where narrated Bible scripture meets Mix-Tape. An inspirational variety show that takes you on a journey to a fantasy destination call the CrossRoad

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