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A Lyrical Uplift: Imma Do It – J. Moss

Going into 2019, muse on these lyrics from J. Moss – Imma Do It!

  • I won’t be down anymore…
  • I won’t be bound anymore…
  • I won’t be sad anymore…
  • I won’t be had anymore…
  • I won’t be told anymore, bend down, gotta stay on the floor…
  • ‘Cause the floor ain’t a place for winners… staying down ain’t the thing for believers
  • I’m a be the one still moving. You’ll be the one boohooing
  • I hope you ain’t wishing nothing bad on me, ’cause you’re messing with anointed pedigree
  • I’m a be the one still holding my hands up. You’ll be the one still trying to understand
  • Why the Lord keeps on blessing me. Why the Lord keeps being good to me


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