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The Food Groove: Multi-Tasking Superfoods

Stock Up on Multi-Tasking Superfoods | Healthy Living - Yahoo Shine

My world is filled with multi-tasking, and has been for many years. From being an IT Professional to my years spent in broadcasting.  Therefore, when I came across this article encouraging your to “add these 5 multi-tasking superfoods into your diet”, you can understand why I was thrilled.


With free radical-busting antioxidants as well as fiber, this fruit crams a lot of goodness into a small package. Plus, blueberries taste good and are readily available. Try frozen ones if fresh aren’t in season. Stir into yogurt, blend in a smoothie or spoon on a waffle.

Sweet Potatoes

Dark orange vegetables are one of the best ways to fuel up on vitamin A as well as potassium. Sub them for white potatoes. Bonus: their rich flavor means you aren’t as tempted to pile on butter or sour cream.


Vitamins A, C and K (which can help build bones) and loads of belly-filling fiber-is there anything this plentiful and inexpensive vegetable doesn’t provide? No wonder nutritionists give it the thumbs up.


Omega-3 fatty acids can help protect your heart, and fatty fish such as salmon offer them in spades. On top of that, the fish is low in fat and high in protein. Substitute canned wild salmon for tuna in sandwiches.

Red Beans

The fiber found in low-fat, inexpensive and protein-packed legumes can help lower cholesterol. Red beans are also a good source of iron, magnesium and potassium.

Read More: Stock Up on Multi-Tasking Superfoods | Healthy Living – Yahoo Shine.



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